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O-rings and rubber seals
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Product Profile Material Size
O-ring Kalrez (FFKM), Viton (FKM), NBR, Silicone and EPDM AS-568A
Encapsulated o-ring Viton (FKM), Silicone AS-568A
O-ring cord Viton (FKM), Silicone and NBR Diameter 2.0 to 50.0 mm.
X-ring Viton (FKM) and NBR x-ring
Backup ring NBR and Teflon (PTFE) AS-568A
Rubber seal made to order Available upon profile Kalrez (FFKM), Viton (FKM), NBR, Silicone and EPDM  
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Product Profile Material Size
Ferrule gasket  
Kalrez(FFKM), EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, Teflon encapsulated EPDM and NBR DIN and SMS standard
IDF flange gasket  
Kalrez(FFKM), EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, Teflon encapsulated EPDM and NBR DIN and SMS standard
Union gasket  
Kalrez(FFKM), EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, Teflon encapsulated EPDM and NBR DIN and SMS standard
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System Profile Product
Hydraulic seal Rod seals/ Piston seals/ Wiper/ dust seal/ Wear rings/ Vee-Packing
Pneumatic seal Rod seals/ Piston seal/ Wiper/ dust seals and Others
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[su_spoiler title=”Kalrez®(FFKM) – Perfluoroelastomer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”] Kalrez®(FFKM) – Perfluoroelastomer
Benefits: The best combination of chemical and high temperature resistance of any elastomer Excellent resistance to o-ring01petroleum-based fluid, polar solvents, acid, steam and the majority chemical that attack other elastomers.
FDA approval for pharmaceuticals and food processing
Temperature: -29 to +327 °C
Limitations: Limited at low temperature and inferior resistance to fluorinated solvents[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”FKM – Fluoroelastomer (Viton )” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”] FKM – Fluoroelastomer (Viton )
Benefits: Outstanding resistance to high heat
Excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluids and hydrocarbon solvents
Very good resistance to weather, oxygen, ozone, and sunlight; good flame retardance.
Temperature: -40 to +260 °C
Limitations: Poor resistance to ether, ketone, amine and chlorosulfonic acid[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”NBR – Nitrile Rubber” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]NBR – Nitrile Rubber
Benefits: Superior resistance to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, good resistance to hydrocarbon solvents, very good resistance to alkalis and solvents.
Temperature: -57 to +120 °C
Limitations: Inferior resistance to ozone, sunlight, weathering and poor resistance to polar solvents and strong acid[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”EPDM – Ethylene Propylene” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]EPDM – Ethylene Propylene
Benefits: Excellent resistance to ozone, water and steam, alkalis and acids, salt solutions and oxygenated solvents.
Temperature: -57 to +150 °C
Limitations: Poor resistance to oil, gasoline, and hydrogenated solvents.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”VQM – Silicone” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]VQM – Siliconeo-ring02
Benefits: Outstanding resistance to high heat and excellent flexibility at low temperatures; low compression set
Excellent resistance to weather, ozone, sunlight, and oxidation
Temperature: -101 to +260 °C
Limitations: Poor mechanical properties
Inferior resistance to oil, gasoline, and solvents
Poor resistance to alkalis and acids.[/su_spoiler] Select by operating condition[su_spoiler title=”Temperature” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”] Temperature

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PDF-download-icon-47146508-updated Chemical resistance table / O-ring material
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1. Check chemical that contact to o-ring
2. Check operation temperature
3. Check pressure
4. Select standard size

    Standard size :
    ID (mm.)
    CS (mm.)
    OD (mm.)

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