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Face Shield กันไฟอาร์ค

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ArcFit 14™ [14 Cal]

Helmet With Integrated Face Shield

Brand : ELVEX

New Lightweight, Higher VLT (55%) design with a Low Profile Chin Guard. Compared to the competition, ArcFit14™ weighs 12% lighter, 2.5 inches slimmer and provides improved head mobility.
• The ArcFit 14™ is an all-new ARC face shield with an ASTM F2178arc rating of 14 cal/cm² for use in NFPA 70E PPE Category 1 & 2 protection levels.
• New improved chin guard provides extended protection under the chin while allowing a greater range of head movement. Chin guard stays out of sight when in the lowered position.
• When used with the Elvex® VB-60 dielectric cap-attached visor bracket, it tilts up and out of sight in a balance overhead position when not in use for greater worker acceptance, comfort and mobility.
• Light green shield tint with 55% VLT (visible light transmission).
• The face shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog coated on both sides of the shield for longer service life and clear vision in temperature extremes.


Material : Dual Layer Molded Cylinder Polycarbonate
Coating : Dual Sided Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch



Lime Green