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Glove 48 cal
Glove 48 cal_2Glove 48 cal

ถุงมือหนังเคฟล่าร์กันไฟอาร์ค (48 Cal)

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ถุงมือหนังเคฟล่าร์กันไฟอาร์ค (48 Cal)

12” Leather Protector With Kevlar ( 48 cal )

Glove ( 48 cal )

This 12” Leather Protector with Kevlar is cut, flame and puncture resistant and Arc Rated to 48 cal/cm². This protector is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly over Class 1 through 4 rubber insulating gloves per. ASTM F496 / ASTM F696. The upper portion of the glove is made with a tacky cow grain leather and the cuff is made of cow suede. The glove is lined throughout with Kevlar fiber by DuPont™ to enhance the cut and flame resistance. We finish the glove with an FR Strap System to ensure that nothing on this glove will drip, melt or ignite.


Features And Benefits

• ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A3
• ANSI/ISEA Puncture Level 5
• Flame Resistant — exceeds industry standards according to test method ASTM D6413
• Arc Rating: 48 cal/cm² — ASTM F2675 / F2675M-13
• Will NOT drip, melt or ignite if exposed to arc flash
• Completely lined throughout with 100% Kevlar fiber by DuPont™
• FR Strap — woven webbing made with Kevlar by DuPont™
• FR Fastener — heat stabilized heavy duty hardware
• High quality 1.0mm+ cow grain leather with a 1.2mm+ cow suede cuff
• Designed for use over Class 1 thru 4 rubber insulating gloves per ASTM F696


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