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Human being has to balance between human and being (nature).

Safety & Protection platform is focused on finding solutions to protect people, property, operations and the environment. DuPont delivers science-based solutions that make a difference in people’s lives in food and nutrition, health care, protective apparel, home and construction and environmental solutions.

These products applied in two main categories:
A: Protective Apparels
       We focus to supply the apparels based on two aramid fibers: Nomex® and Kevlar®. Years of our existence in Thai market enable us to customize the designs of both the tailoring styles and the material variation combination, in order to compromise the three objectives of using the protective apparels: protection, comfort and cost.
• These are meant to protect against special hazards in the work place, such as flash fire, high heat flux, electric arc burnt, cut/slash from sharp edges, pointed objects, etc.
• The ultimate aim of these products is to reduce hidden costs resulted from worker injuries in the work place, enhancing corporate morale, and boost productivity.
• The values of all these products can be quantitatively and qualitatively determined.

B: Mechanical parts, equipments, or auxiliary parts 
       Our products aims to supply the industrial products derived from advanced polymers, such as PTFE, FKM (fluoroelastomer-Viton®), FFKM (perfluoroelastomer Kalrez®), aramid fibers, etc; and/or from advanced polymer technology.  These high value materials are all meant for demanding service conditions.
C: Cut and Slash Protection Gloves
• KEVLAR® Gloves
        Extraordinarily strong, light and cut-resistant, DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand fiber is highly resistant to cuts       In fact, thousands of automotive, steel, glass and metal workers around the world rely on the exceptional cut protection of KEVLAR® to get them safely through their workdays. And they’re not the only ones; lumberjacks, builders and skilled labor workers make it a practice to use boots and leggings reinforced with KEVLAR® to help protect their legs and feet from potentially career-ending accidents.


Quality Management System as per
ISO 9001:2015